German tragedy of destiny







On 16 March 1945 - just weeks before the end of the war - the people of Würzburg met a tragic fate.


225 "Lancaster" and 11 "Mosquito" bombers loaded with so-called "delayed release technology" covered the city with a widely spread extermination agent. In this space of death they dropped 250 explosive and 397,000 incendiary bombs.


Through the British attack the historically valuable city was obliterated to 85 percent in only 20 minutes by devastating fires. All the art treasures of the Würzburg Cathedral were destroyed.


 U.S. documentary with German commentary

The city had no concrete bunker. People wandered through the basement passages but never found an exit where fire was not raging. And the British bombing technique aimed to outrival the firefighters.


It was such a crowd in the narrow underground basement corridors that children and the elderly were simply trampled to death.


5,000 dead



Detailed report on the destruction in the journal of the Diocese of Würzburg: