German tragedy of destiny







Stuttgart was an important industrial site in southern Germany. The city was several times the main target of the Allied bomber offensive.


Accordingly, the attacks were carried out on:

5 May 1942

7 May 1942

23 November 1942

12 March 1943

15 April 1943

21 February 1944

2 March 1944

15/16 March 1944

25/26 July 1944

29 July 1944

13 September 1944

20 October 1944


The most severe raid was made on 15/16 March 1944 with 813 bombers of the Royal Air Force and a bomb load of 2,600 tons. At this time 700 people were killed.


In July 1944 three major bomber sorties were flown wiping out the entire inner city. 100,000 people were left homeless.


 Notice at a bomb-shelter: Quiet! Sit down immediately! No smoking.


The total of 53 bomb attacks against the city center of Stuttgart claimed 4,477 human lives. Because the city is situated in a valley, the fire triggered by this chimney effect could spread especially quickly. Therefore, many people were unable to reach the bunkers and tunnels. Nearly 900 people burned or suffocated by carbon dioxide gases.


4,500 dead