German tragedy of destiny







By its industry, especially the ball-bearing production, Schweinfurt became many times target of the Allied bombers, particularly on

17 August 1943,

14 October 1943,

24/25 February 1944,

14 April 1944


Especially heavy were the attacks on 17 August 1943 with 317 B-17 bombers dropping over 724 tons of bombs on the relatively small city.


Among the news of the New York Times


But the raid on 14 October turned out to be a fiasco for the bombers because out of 291 aircraft 77 were shot down and 121 damaged.


The bombing squadron was dispersed in such a degree by the fierce attacks of the German fighters that they did not meet the intented targets and the bombs were dropped on the surrounding fields and villages.



German newspaper's report on the victims' funeral


In the raids about one-third of Schweinfurt was destroyed.