German tragedy of destiny








Enduring thirteen air strikes with more or less serious damage until the end of 1944, on 16 January 1945 the city of Magdeburg experienced the absolute inferno.


After this large-scale attack the Air Marshal Harris (he was called "butcher" by his staff) earned this by-name.


About 4,000 people burned or suffocated from lack of oxygen or were poisoned by fumes in this attack alone. Many were shredded by shrapnel.


6,500 dead


The bunker under the St. Jacobi Church which had to be closed at the time of the bombing, could be approached no longer after the attack due to the corpses towering outside the gates. These were the people wo wanted to get to safety.


The inner city of Magdeburg was annihilated almost completely, even the venerable cathedral with the tomb of Otto I and his wife, and the Monastery of Our Lady suffered severe damage.


Compared to other cities, the degree of destruction of buildings was extremely high. Practically the entire old city was almost completely wiped out.


A total of 6,500 died in Magdeburg in the air war.


In the spring of 1945