German tragedy of destiny







The little Gelsenkirchen, situated near Essen, was targeted several times by Allied bombers because of its chemical plants in the north part of the town.


With their attacks the Allies wanted to disable the oil supply, particularly the coal liquefaction plants necessary to the fuel production.


But, similarly to the other industrial cities of the Ruhr area, in addition to the destruction of the industrial facilities, the annihilation of the inner cities and the mass destruction and demoralization of the population were among the main goals of the raids.


The most serious attacks were made on:


10 July 1943 with 422 bombers and 41 deaths,

30 December 1944,

10 March 1945


Beside the Scholven Chemical Plant in Gelsenkirchen-Buer especially the inner city was attacked.


Gelsenkirchen was destroyed in about 50 percent.

184 air strikes killed 3,038 people.