German tragedy of destiny







The South Hessian city of Darmstadt, among other things a center of the Art Nouveau, was repeatedly attacked by British and American bombers.


The main attack on 11 September 1944 was also the "sample" for the annihilation of Dresden half a year later. After a goal marking by a master bomber and the settling of fluorescent markers ("Christmas trees") as a guide the bombs that were dropped extinguished the soul of the city. The face of Darmstadt with its historic core, the Gothic City Church, the Renaissance Town Hall and the unique Art Nouveau buildings was destroyed beyond recognition.


Because at the same time a train full of munition was also hit, the bombs exploded almost an hour long, many people did not trust themselves from the cellars. They believed that the bombing is still going on. They waited until it was too late. The heat of the fires and the smoke made the shelters to kilns of death.


13,500 dead


On 11 September 1944, with 234 air mines, 500 explosive bombs and 300,000 incendiary bombs, the life of 12,300 people was wiped out. 20 percent of the victims were children under the age of 16. The city was destroyed to 80 percent.


Further attacks were made on:

29 July 1940,

21 July 1941,

3 December 1942,

10/11 April 1943,

23 September 1943,

25 April 1944,

7 May 1944,

19 July 1944,

21 July 1944,

25/26 August 1944,

10 September 1944,

13 September 1944,

19 September 1944,

12 December 1944