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Bremen as an important port and industrial center and close to England was a preferred target for bombing. There were a total of 173 attacks flown against the Free and Hanseatic City.


In addition to the major shipyards and oil industry installations the Focke-Wulf aircraft factory was an important target.


The attacks by the British bombers were carried out early, mid-May 1940 and have increased steadily in the course of the war.


From 1943 on also the Americans attacked the port city.


Particularly heavy bombing took place on:

18 June 1940,

9 May 1941,

21 October 1941,

22 January 1942,

4 June 1942,

25/26 June 1942,

3 July 1942,

17 April 1943,

13 December 1943,

18/19 August 1944 (1054 deaths),

30 August 1944,

11 March 1945,

30 March 1945


In the attacks a total of 65,000 dwellings were destroyed, nearly 60 percent of the entire housing stock.


The 890,000 bombs dropped on Bremen killed 3,562 people, including many foreign workers.


Bomber before action



Daily paper of the U.S. Army about attack on Bremen