German tragedy of destiny







From the spring of 1943, as part of the so-called Ruhr Battle, Bochum was systematically destroyed through several najor attacks. The Casablanca Conference of the Allied sesignated the Ruhr area as target No. 1. The official purpose was the annihilation of the "Armory of the Reich". Nevertheless, it was not so much the industry but the downtown and the residential areas they were bombing.


From autumn 1944 on the ruins of the already devastated urban area of Bochum were once more plowed with carpet bombs.


     The most serious attacks were made on:


30 March 1943   157 bombers = 28 dead

14 May 1943   142 bombers = 429 dead

13 June 1943   503 bombers = 540 dead

26 June 1943   473 bombers = 157 dead

5 October 1944   157 bombers = 28 dead

30 March 1943 = 994 dead

in the action "Hurricane" against the Ruhr cities.

Another bomb attack took place on

4 November 1944.


Two-thirds of the city of Bochum was destroyed.

Tragic is the fate of those young people and mothers with little children who in March 1945, as a protection against the bombing, were evacuated from Bochum. Their train was attacked at the Soest railway station by Allied fighter bombers. Of the 108 train passengers 32 were killed and 76 wounded.