German tragedy of destiny

Dutch camps




With the unconditional surrender of all German forces in northwest Germany by Admiral Friedenburg there were still about 150,000 men stationed - mainly members of the 25th Army - in the western part of the Netherlands in the "Fortress Holland" between the Meuse, Ijsselmeer and the North Sea.


After disarmement they were interned in Eastern Friesland.


They were not considered prisoners of war, but as "Disarmed Enemy Forces".


Only the 34th SS Division consisting of predominantly Dutch nationals was concentrated in a camp in Arnheim.


In addition, three units of about 7,000 pioneers and marines were held back for mine clearance.


Allied POW camps:

Bergen op Zoom, Bierick, Geertruidenberg, Groede, Haamstede,

Hellevoetsluis, Hoek van Holland, Hoog, Midelburg,

Mook, Nistelrode, Oranjezon, Oss, Ouddorp, Roermond,

Tilburg, Udenhout, Utrecht, Vlissingen and Ymuiden