German tragedy of destiny

Belgian camps




Belgium had no prisoners of war in its own custody.

To rebuild the country, initially 16,000 prisoners were taken over from the British armed forces.



These prisoners were made to work mainly in the mines of Limburg province.


Later a further 30,700 prisoners were brought from U.S. POW camps.

They were made to work in the mining, forestry, agriculture and mine clearance.


They were concentrated in the Limburg, Lüttich, Charleroi, La  Louviẻre and Borinage coal fields.


The camps of the forestry workers were situated in the area around Ardennen near Couvin, Ardenne, Poix-St.-Hubert, Laroche, Vielsalm and Elsenborn.


The mine sweepers lived in the Wenduyne and Kalmhout camps.